Home Based

The company provides neighborhoods in the WNY area with healthy food choices.  We meet our customers where they are to alleviate transportation issues that are prevalent in some local neighborhoods. The lack of transportation for many families limits their options when it comes to food choices and more specifically healthy food choices.


We help construct, set-up, and manage hop houses, greenhouses, and grow spaces in urban areas both soil and hydroponics. 

We also provide trees, flowers, soil, fertilizer & mulch.


We educate residents in our local neighborhoods about how to make healthier decisions when it comes to their nutrition. In addition, the ultimate goal is to help promote good dietary choices, these choices help children function better in school, provide higher energy levels and contribute to the all-around good health of the citizens in our community.


The company works with the community to provide training and education to school age children, teens and adults.

Other Services

  • Farmers’ Markets

  • Cooking Classes instructed by a Certified Plant Based Chef

  • One on One Meal Planning by a registered Dietician

  • Custom Designed Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs for businesses

  • Corporate Yoga Instruction

For more information on the Services we provide, please contact us.